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  • Its time to challenge your boundaries with top-of-the-line gym gloves from DXN Sports. Made of the finest pure cotton terry material infused with lightweight, stretchable nylon mesh to maintain that dry, airy feel TM even during intense workouts. Silicone grip with G-Foam padding inside, provides enhanced palm protection. The non-slip silicon palm design covering the micro-fiber layer not only delivers a firmer grip, prevents skin calluses & blisters, but lends greater breathability as well. The half finger, easy to wear exercise gloves include pull tabs with thumb loops for quick on and off. Cotton towel around thumb helps wipe-off sweat easily.
    Gym gloves come with elasticated nylon straps which support the wrist and keep it aligned even during high intensity gym trainings. Hook and loop closure mechanism is fully adjustable and can be modified to fit any wrist size.
    ? Washable Material – Made from pure cotton terry material that is lightweight, absorbent and washable ? Perfect Ventilation- Stretchable Nylon mesh will keep hand maintaining airflow and drawing away the moisture from the hand
    ? Enhanced Grip – Anti-slip silicone palm design with G-Foam? padding inside, provides extra grip and protection from calluses and blisters ? Intelligent Design- Intelligent design of exercise gloves features pull tabs including thumb loops for quick on and off
    ? Better Wrist Support and Alignment- Highly durable elasticated nylon strap for wraps around the wrist perfectly to keep it firmly aligned. Hook & Loop closure ensures better overall support for the wrist and hand.
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Redefine Your Workout with Signature Gym Gloves

Embark on a journey of performance and style with our Signature Gym Gloves. Uniquely designed and precision-crafted, these gloves transcend traditional hand protection, providing a tailored blend of fashion and function to elevate your training sessions.

Unleash Personalized Support

Experience more than just hand protection. Our Signature Gym Gloves offer a bespoke fit for unparalleled comfort and support during your most intense workouts. Choose from a spectrum of customization options, including materials, colours, and design features, to shape gloves that perfectly align with your fitness aspirations.

Precision Craftsmanship, Unparalleled Quality

Immerse yourself in the perfection of precision. Our Gym Gloves undergo meticulous manufacturing, guaranteeing durability and top-tier performance. Rely on gear that stands resilient against the challenges of intense workouts, offering the dependability needed to excel in your fitness journey.

Make a Statement with Unique Design

Forge a distinctive statement with your workout gear. Our unique designs empower you to personalize your Gym Gloves, ensuring you stand out in every exercise session. Elevate your workout space with gloves that not only protect but also radiate your individuality.

Harmonize Comfort and Flexibility

Comfort harmonized with performance. Our Signature Gym Gloves are meticulously engineered for a secure fit without compromising flexibility. Move with confidence, knowing you have gear that supports your workout without limiting your movements.

Secure Your Signature Gym Gloves Today

Upgrade your workout essentials with Signature Gym Gloves that seamlessly blend style and support. Redefine your exercise experience with gloves designed uniquely for your needs. Order now and wield personalized power in every gym session.


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